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Remote Medical Service

When it comes to saving lives, there is no limit to using the highest techniques in connecting patients with local doctors or medical teams around the world.
A telemedicine is a set of solutions, medical tools and back offices to bring doctors in virtual contact with patients thousands of miles away.
Medical devices are equipped for initial and secondary tests, but most importantly, they are connected over reliable wireless networks for direct video transmission and other vital data to support medical offices.
Mobile devices can be operated and supervised by medical staff or first level nurses.

Advantages of the service:
Secure and live Consulting Program
Automatic adjustment of data used to minimize data usage
Technology that allows remote selection of video
Integrated medical system
Health information system and integrated image archiving system
Information is stored on a digital cloud or a central server

STC Specialized is a major provider of solutions: capital expenditure reduction, network management, operation and maintenance, licensed entity for sale and support center 7/24


Reliable communication for government, public and personal safety. 



FORUN is the next generation, high availability, reliability and low latency business critical push-to-talk means of communication, for government, public and personal safety. 



  • Is secure, encrypted and instant.  
  • Uses broadband (Push-to-talk) technology. 
  • Is innovative, user-friendly, and includes various added services. 
  • Is designed for multiple users, both one to one, or one to group. 
  • Is installed on rugged mobile devices allowing for the extension of broadband PTT functionality.  
  • Enables organization employees to communicate quickly and effectively. 


Main Features 

  • Private PTT 
  • Group PTT  
  • Emergency Call  
  • Call Alert  
  • Scanning of Multiple Groups 
  • Group Messaging  
  • Private Messaging 
  • Private Call  
  • GPS/Map  
  • Multimedia File Distribution  
  • Archive Recording of Group Calls  
  • Call Rejoin  
  • Hands-free 
  • Man-down Alert 


FORUN Benefits 

  • Managing field resources  
  • One-to-one and group calls  
  • Messaging team members  
  • Wide network coverage  
  • High-security  
  • Encrypted network  
  • Reports and archives  
  • Cost-effective rate plans and enhanced work efficiency