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"Push-to-Talk" service

This is an innovative technology that provides secure, cost-effective and secure communication channels. The Push-To -Talk service is based on iDEN technology developed by Motorola International for the purpose of communication using a bi-directional radio that can be used among groups of individual users or between multiple groups to provide instant communication among them.

This service is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and proved to be effective especially in the business sector, as there is often a need for instant communication, with location identification. It also helps the client to reduce expenses.

One of the benefits of Push-To-Talk is to enable companies to set up contact groups of up to 250 business groups, each of which can accommodate up to 100 users, and thus provides working groups with the best management and control tools, either within the company or on the field sites, which contributes to raising the level of communication among different administrative levels, and consequently raises the level of productivity.

Mobile Telephony

In addition to providing Push to Talk, STC Specialized allows ordinary domestic and international voice calls and receiving and sending text messages.

The availability of this service gives STC Specialized subscribers larger choice, greater flexibility and the ability to communicate with STC Specialized network users or other telecommunications networks within the Kingdom.

To place local and international calls STC Specialized recharge cards are available and sold in the market at STC Specialized distributors in 2 categories: 25 & 50 SAR. Recharge Tickets can also be purchased electronically via the Internet, One Card Service.

Messaging Services

STC Specialized provides its customers SMS service to send and receive short text messages locally and internationally.

Data Transfer Services

STC Specialized provides a wireless data transmission service, which is needed by staff or operators in the field, either through Internet access, access to the internal network, or by using e-mail. The images can be exchanged via the STC Specialized network easily and quickly . Using cameras of STC Specialized devices and data transfer services, you can take photos and send them directly to your business group.

Control Room Solutions

STC Specialized offers a complete range of surveillance solutions to meet communication needs and maintain its necessary requirements, in addition to providing these solutions with many options suited to different and diverse situations . As a result, STC Specialized offers a wide range of communications services that fall within the operating room solution category.

Location-Based Services (LBS)

STC Specialized Company offers a wide range of operations tracking management services, using effective Geographic Information System services (GIS), Global Positioning System technology, and MobileLite.

STC Specialized also provides Al Masar service, a value-added, business-oriented service that enables vehicle management to use the web, and provides rich and diverse ways to locate a STC Specialized mobile carrier on both graphic and geographic levels. Through this service, companies can locate their crew and vehicles that are equipped with special equipment.

Al Masar operates through mobile GPS technology that shows the location of STC Specialized device holders or provides fleet and vehicle management services. Location services allow better communication and timely response to customer demands by tracking their orders, tracking the delivery status effectively and reliably, and promoting the best possible business management.

Alert Service

STC Specialized Alert is an Internet-based solution to connect STC Specialized devices with each other. This service plays a vital role in daily operations where the user can send instant notifications and messages to the team in case of emergency. These notifications or messages are sent as an online data packet, so they are instantly and assuredly delivered to a large number of users.

STC Specialized Alert stores and sends notifications if the user is busy receiving another call or if the device is switched off, so the notification/message will be received as soon as the line/phone is available.

STC Specialized Alert provides an efficient and inexpensive way to connect hospital operations with doctors and other staff, allowing them to communicate effectively for a reliable health service.

STC Specialized Alert can be customized to meet the needs of hospitals, emergency services or any other sector that needs a quick notification system (notifications and messages) from the control and operations room to field users. The program can be downloaded in Arabic.


Continuing our commitment to enhance customer service, KPIs & Tasks Service has been launched, enabling its users to manage field tasks and measure the performance and productivity of employees and work groups.

The Performance Management and Performance Measurement Service is the latest addition of STC Specialized to the group's instant wireless communications solution, which aims to enable business segments to increase the efficiency of their operations and to manage and increase the productivity of employees and workgroups at the highest level of efficiency.

The new service targets companies and institutions from various sectors of business, service, industrial and security sectors, as well as public sector institutions and authorities.

The service enables supervisors and managers to assign field staff assignments by sending them to their STC Specialized devices, which contain an application that automatically sends information to the system once the staff has been accepted and then completed.

The service also includes a number of features that allow to follow the start and end times of the work, the time of prayer and rest of the field staff, in addition to the possibility of positioning.

In addition, the Task Management and Performance Measurement Service enables communication between supervisors and supervisors in workgroups and employees, through the messaging feature.

One of the most prominent features of STCSc's Performance Management and Performance Measurement Service is its support for the Arabic and English languages, providing greater flexibility for employers to measure work performance and productivity in business environments where the language between staff and employees varies.

Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorHealth information system and integrated image archiving system.


Why choose us?

Leading global communication technology for:
  • Mission Critical (MC) users: those responsible for the preservation of human life, property and the safety of the state (e.g. Police, Fire, Ambulance…)
  • Business Critical (BC) users: those responsible for the preservation of commerce (e.g. Oil & Gas, etc.)


A professional, reliable and secure mean of communication providing services including: one to one PTT calls, Group PTT calls, Emergency calls, Messaging, Talk group scanning, Security and Safety features 
Offers many advantages including:
  • High levels of security and encryption
  • Ease of use
  • High levels reliability
  • Fast call set-up times


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